Lillian Vogett
Real Estate Agent
She is ready to assist with any of your real estate needs. It is my pleasure to help.

Raúl Vogett
Construction Specialist
Raul Vogett is our expert contractor! No job is too small! He can help you design the old colonial’s properties in Merida's downtown as well as completely new, modern projects anywhere in the city. Raul and his team of hard working people will do the work! From plumbing to masonry and fine carpentry, blue prints, renders, and more. Amazing projects, fair prices! No tomorrow, no excuses. Honesty, quality and reliability. Call or email Ra for an estimate! House of your dreams! Raul moved to Merida 9 years ago. He started renovation and colonial restoration 7 years ago in Santiago neighborhood. He has strong experience remodeling.
Lilian Espinosa
Real State Agent
Lillian Blanca is ready to assist any Spanish only speaking clients searching for real estate in Merida Yucatan, Mexico.

Sandra Viosca
Marketing & Sales Manager
Sharon originally from Mexico City, in charge of Marketing, Digital Mkt, Advertising and Public Relations. Currently living in Merida Yucatan. Totally open to innovate and carry out new projects, always pending the needs of our customers.

Katia Zavala Leon
Assistent Manager
Katia always pending of your home, always finds with a big smile giving the best face to the situations. Head of Property Management and right-hand man Lilian Vogett. she is always in a position to do things and administratively have everything in order.